October 3, 2015

The first Saturday in October would be one that would change my life forever! My Wedding day! 🙂 One of the most beautiful days, even with the high temperature of 49 degrees. (Fun fact: It was warmer on Christmas Day 2015 then my wedding day. 64 degrees for December is odd in PA!)

At the crack of dawn we were at the church getting ready, coffee in hand of course! Here are some pictures capturing that magical day.




We loved every second about our special day!

Now lets look at that cake!


I love this cake so much! A simple Strawberry short-cake, naked in all its glory. 🙂  It was certainly nice not to worry about making my cake and the baker did a wonderful job taking what was in my head and creating a cake master piece.

Shout out to Cordial Cakes for an amazing cake & Stacy Salvatori for her fantastic photography skills!

A spectacular day overall! 🙂 Let the adventure begin.



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